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Reflection !

Reflection is a musical project that was born out of two energies originated from different roads, but with deep ideas and characteristics in common. Energies that decided to fuse with the intention of creating a new concept inside Latin electronic pop with a synthpop bases. Offering melodic and vocal quality. With lyrics that make sense. Generating a different atmospheres on stage. With theatrical touches and elegant esthetic details.


Electronic synthpop from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Madrid, Spain. Reflection are Franco Doglioli and Franco Colombo with the live performer DJ Juan Paul DeAcebes. Co-producer Carlos Shaw.
We have presented live performances in Santiago de Chile, Lima, La Oroya, Madrid, San Luis, Buenos Aires and dj set in CDMX.

Reflection was remixed and collab by awesome bands and producers: Mr.Kitty, Parralox, Sea Of Sin, Midnight Resistance, Henrik Iversen, Mateo Lafontaine, Zedna, Softwave, People Theatre, Dimitri Berzerk, Estatuas de Sol, Silica Gel and many others. They have made more than +30 remixes for different artists from around the world.

For booking request please contact: booking@nordhausen-schallplatten.com

Franco Doglioli

Voice and Lyrics

Argentinian. He began his career as a singer in 1995 studying with prestigious teachers of different styles, from classical to popular, and participating in various choral projects and as a soloist. In 2003 he became the voice of the well-known synthpop group "Sequencia" recording a record "Algo en tu Ser" for the American record label "A Different Drum".

In 2009 he was also the voice of the electropop group "In Vitro" recording with them an album independently. He currently resides in Madrid, Spain.

Franco Colombo

Synthesizers and programming

Argentinian. Musician, remixer and producer, began his artistic career under the alias of BTB in 1999. He has produced sensitive and emotional music since several years ago in the world of electronic underground in Buenos Aires. He made editions for different labels such as Fuga Discos, Boltfish Recordings, Enough Records, Sector Industrial Producciones, Blackfield Records, Conzoom Records, Nordhausen Schallplatten and others.

He has made +30 remixes as Reflection for artists from different parts of the world. He can also be found under different pseudonyms: Hooverlordz (Techno Body Music), Ricosyx (Synthwave), and his solo work "Música para Nerds Sensibles". You can check the following link: btbzonear.bandcamp.com

Juan Paul

Live Performer

Spanish DJ and music producer. He founded the Fangoria fan club with Juan José Robles (Club Salto Mortal) in 1994, creating a fanzine (Mortal), organizing parties and being a DJ in numerous clubs in Madrid. Additionally, he was part of the music group Hayerais, a group with dark and electronic roots. He is currently part of the animation group Iluminarias. Since 2021, he is a collaborator and member of Reflection's performances.

Our Discography

Love is a risky sport. We can emerge victorious, drunk with adrenaline, and can thus transcend or end up seriously hurt. Getting used to living with a wound that does not heal. Because the scars belong to the soul. Still, loving is everything. It is that absurd, mysterious and inevitable impulse. Destined, like marionettes, to live and die for it.

Our Videos





2023/12/30 Synthpop Fest Volver a Soñar, La Oroya, Peru.

2023/12/29 Synthpop Fest Volver a Soñar, Lima, Peru.

2023/12/16 Dark Christmas Festival 2023, Sala Copernico, Madrid.

2023/11/04 SuperTrack Madrid 2023, Epoka The Club, Madrid.

2023/07/22 Distrito Federal Bar, Buenos Aires.


2022/12/17 Dark Christmas Festival 2022, Sala Mon, Madrid.

2022/07/01 MADO22, Sala Maravillas, Madrid.

2022/06/03 Showcase, Sala Cosmos, Madrid.

2022/04/01 Auditorio Cendas, BA.

2022/03/11 Sala Maravillas, Madrid.


2020/03/07 Espacio Palma 38, Rara Avis, Madrid.

2018/11/17 Espacio37, BA.

2018/01/20 Kirie Music Club, BA.


2017/12/15 Room Sessions, BA.

2017/12/02 Fuga Jurásica X. Museo Argentino Ciencias Naturales, BA.

2017/08/05 Club Araoz, BA.

2017/05/27 Ciclo Entrepisos, BA.


2016/12/09 Bonito Hotel Boutique, BA.

2016/09/08 Pop Al Rojas. Centro Cultural Rojas, BA.

2016/08/19 Kirie Music Club, BA.

2016/07/29 Oroya Dreams Festival. Koca Kinto, Lima, Perú.

2016/07/23 Morgana, ValparaÌso, Chile.

2016/07/22 Bar MalaVida, Santiago, Chile.


2015/11/28 Ginger Cocktail Club, San Luis, Argentina.

2015/10/03 Fusion Lounge Bar, BA.

2015/09/19 Fuga Industrial. Fundación Lebensohn, BA.

2015/08/22 Ciclo Undernautas. La Cigale, BA.

2015/07/17 Bárbaro Bar, BA.

2015/04/23 Búsquedas Sonoras. Centro Cultural España Buenos Aires, BA.


2014/12/17 La Cigale, BA.

2014/10/11 Cassette Bar, BA.

2014/08/16 Sótano Beat. Centro Cultural San Martín, BA.

2014/07/27 Oroya Dreams Festival. La Oroya, Perú.

2014/07/25 Oroya Dreams Festival. Nebula, Lima, Perú.

2014/07/17 La Dama de Bollini, BA.

2014/04/12 DJSet: Depeche Mode Party, Unplug Bar, BA.


2013/12/13 Fundación Bollini, BA.

2013/10/13 DJSet: BONG2 A Depeche Mode Celebration. You Know My Name, BA.

2013/09/14 NH/T2013. Centro Cultural Recoleta, BA.

2013/07/28 Oroya Dreams Festival. La Oroya, Perú.

2013/06/29 Ultra Bar, BA.

2013/02/14 DJSet: 8Bit Party. NUN La Condesa, CDMX, México.

2012/08/18 DJSet: Synthetic Night V5.1. Real Under, CDMX, México.